selmar_seaberiaSeaberia: The watermaker with air conditioning.

In the naval and nautical field, the optimization of board space and the reduction of equipments space turns out to be one of the primary need of the designer of the builder shipyard and of the ship owner who must live and manage the boat. Sometimes, however, one is forced for reasons of space availability to scarify the installation of equipment rather than another.

For this was born Seaberia, the effective and efficient watermaker, easy to manage, offering more services and more functions in a single solution, able to do his work and than of an air conditioning with the best performance, all perfectly integrated in a single structure in stainless steel.

Much more than a watermaker, Seaberia is a compact system and with a light weight, able to offer more services and use functions in a single machine, that is seawater desalination, fresh water refrigeration/ heating, air-conditioning (hot / cold), air purification.

With clean and elegant lines, it allows to heat, cool and purify water and air, with the real achievement of significant savings not only of energy, installation costs and maintenance but above all in terms of space on board.

Seaberia is realized in a glossy stainless steel, robust, compact, elegant and refined design, equipped with an electronic microcontroller for the management and monitoring of the section of desalination and from the LCD display controller able to manage and monitor the air-conditioning and air cleaning sections.

It’s available with capacity from 100 lt/hour up to 300 lt/hour, while the integrated air conditioning system is available in sizes from 6.000 btu to 18.000 btu, with the chance to add the necessary number of additional units of the same or greater cooling capacity, to ensure the perfect cooling of the onboard volumes and, why not, of the engine room too.

In general, the advantages are related to the simplification of the installation and management processes traced back to a single plant which integrates all use functions included and combined in a single solution, maintaining the overall dimension of a normal watermaker of the same segment. For the final consumer the advantage resides not only in the lowest price of the machine and in the costs of transport which would be higher if it were purchased significantly different equipment for single-use function, but also on the efficiency and optimization of the costs of management and maintenance which are grouped in units of machine and no longer at different equipment.

It will be no longer necessary to install a watermaker and a climate control system separately, but now you can have a single machine with “all inclusive” able to meet all the years the different need of users.

Soğutma Kapasitesİ Su Üretim Kapasitesi
SEABERIA 100 1500 6000 1840 0,89 0,95 110 1.80 115*50*67 100
SEABERIA 150 2250 9000 2515 1,18 1,10 170 2,20 115*50*67 120
SEABERIA 200 3000 12000 3480 1,66 1,50 220 2,20 115*50*67 128
SEABERIA 300 4500 18000 5400 2,57 2,20 300 2,20 115*50*67 135